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About Us

About Us

Goal Achievers Independent network (GAINLIMITED)is an economic life changing and empowerment business opportunity program that was birthed out of a strong desire to eradicate poverty and empower its members known as gainers, and non-members particular emphasis on widows, orphans, the less privileged and very age persons in the society through our selfless humanitarian services.
GAINLIMITED believe that anyone can achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM through a strong will of determination. This organization therefore provides a wonderful platform for the poor, less-privileged, orphans, widows/widowers, students, workers, house-wives… and indeed everyone to experience financial uplifting.
We are the ANSWER to man’s basic needs, because financial freedom is here at last.
GAINLIMITED is set to provide great human capacity development projects for the betterment of its members, via its professional skill acquisition/Entrepreneurial Development and Leadership Training services. We believe this will provoke a paradigm shift in members’ mind-sets that will propel them towards achieving greatness in their various endeavours.
GAINLIMITED is committed to having the best compensation plan that is highly affordable, achievable, reliable, sustainable and effective systems that enable our partners known as (gainers) to keep coming back. Our dedicated, committed and hardworking gainers are massively rewarded with , Food Items, Household Appliances, Electronics, Travel incentives, Rain of Cars, Bungalow/Duplex, Skill Acquisition and lots of cash to further inspire them to excel in life.

GAINLIMITED is the networking segment of CHARISMARO SOLUTIONS, registered under the companies and allied matters act 2020, with registration number: 3479469

GAINLIMITED!!! Your Financial Freedom At Last!!!

To make strategic economic impact in the lives and livelihoods of partners and non-partners through an innovative  residual income creation opportunity, based on a platform where people raise people to be financial, properties and assets giants.

Our core aim is to contribute in the fight against the most dreaded pandemic of all times “POVERTY” and help our partners to leave far above it.

And also empower our partners in Human capital development in other for them to be outstanding in business, carriers or any other profession of their choice.

Is either your selling product to earn money or your offering services to earn money. Gainlimited is a service base business organization, that render humanitarian services to the poor, less privileged, orphans, widows, very aged people etc., through her help partners known as GAINERS. Gainlimited services includes but not limited to!!!

Goal Achievers Independent Network provides support to the widows, orphans, aged and less privileged ones in the society (members and non-members) via its humanitarian projects.

We train and empower our members via our free trade and skill acquisition services. This will aid them in building their potentials and discovering their areas of specialization so as to enhance their standard of living.

GAINLIMITED empowers its members financially via its robust compensation plan. It creates an equal opportunity for everyone to earn massively without prejudice.

GAINLIMITED aids its members in the acquisition of assets and properties courtesy of our compensation plan. Members are offered the opportunity to own their own dream assets and properties such as: Household Equipment/Furniture, Cars, Electronics, Housing, etc. financial freedom at last, because we care! Say goodbye to poverty!!

GAINLIMITED builds its members to become great leaders and entrepreneurs by exposing them to leadership, entrepreneurship and business administration principles that will guide them to excel in the business world.

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